Ale-Conner Beer Certification provides an opportunity to prove your knowledge, passion and appreciation of beer and brewing.

If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll get immediate proof. Take and pass the exam and you’ll receive a suitable-for-framing official Ale-Conner Certificate.

Maybe you’re not a beer expert, but you know someone who is? This site allows you to purchase a Certification Exam for another who might be interested (recipient e-mail address required).

Employers- if you are in the beer trade, you can also purchase Certification Exams in your account and send them to employees.

While the capital "A" and the lower case "c" are obvious, the main frame of the logo is shrouded in the mists of time. The two inter-woven triangles together form a six point star, or hexagram, which was the ancient symbol of alchemy. Alchemy was a Medieval chemistry that sought to create an "elixir of life" and is ultimately considered a precursor to the brewing sciences. Today this hexagram is known as the brewer's star.

The colors used serve a purpose as well: the amber represents the malted grain and the green represents the hops- the essential sugar and spice of all great beer.

The Ale-Conner Beer Certification Program is administered By Marty Nachel.

Marty is an award-winning writer and book author of renown. His works include “Beer Across America”, “Beer for Dummies” (1st and 2nd Editions) and “Homebrewing for Dummies” (1st and 2nd Editions). He also provided beer and brewing information to Microsoft for that company’s digital Encarta Encyclopedia®.

Nachel’s palate has been expertly honed as a Beer Judge over the past 25 years. He became Certified through the Beer Judge Certification Program in 1986 (the 1st in the state of Illinois).

For four years Nachel served as a regular beer evaluator at the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago for the World Beer Championships. He was a finalist judge at the Boston Beer Company’s Sam Adams LongShot Homebrew Competition in Boston and he also serves on the Panel of Professional Beer Judges at the Great America Beer Festival in Denver.

Nachel regularly instructs Beer Appreciation and Beer Sensory classes in the Chicago area’s finest beer bars and brewpubs.

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One of the oldest public offices in England is that of the ale "conner", or taster. The post was created by William the Conqueror in order to keep ale prices and quality in line throughout the Kingdom.

The Ale-conner is not only an expert judge of beer, but he has the power to condemn a batch of beer or order its sale at a lower price if it does not meet his standards. This civil position -one of authority and prestige- still exists in England today, and is paid a small annual stipend with free beer a part of the compensation.

It’s a known fact that William Shakespeare’s father was an Ale-conner.